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Books published in 2019

Let’s be organized (groan) and hopefully it’ll make it easier for me not to forget (snort, no one believes that for a second, Mary).

What have I published so far this year? uhhhh lemme think (reports on the news about a burning smell around the world).

Until Fools Find Gold, Providence Gold Series book 1 and crossover with Aurora Rose Reynolds’s Until Series. This was published in April under her Happily Ever Alpha World and it was such a huge honor to be included and write amongst such amazing ladies.

Mad Gold, Providence Gold Series book 2 followed in May 2019.

The OGP got its first box set books. The first has books 1-4 in it.

Forever Mine - Ren and Maya

More Than Forever - Luke and Isla

Until Forever - Cole and Ebru

My Forever - Cole and Ebru pt 2

OGP second book in the box set. It had books 5-7 in it.

Choosing Forever - Luke and Sabine

Until Tom, Finding Forever - Tom and Sonya

Forever Ducked - Tom and Sonya pt 2

Tainted Gold, Providence Gold Series book 3. The Taint got his book!!

Bound To Me Forever, Providence Series (the OGP) Book 8 - Luke and Scarlett.

FIREBALL! Cheap Thrills Series Book 1.

And there’s more to come. I have the covers to prove it 😉😘💗🦄

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