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Creating the Providence box sets...

The first Providence series celebrated its 3rd birthday at the beginning of April, and with the upcoming release of book 8 in the series, I decided to box set the series too. I’d wanted to do it for AGES, but how do you put a picture to so many eccentric characters? You get Jay Aheer to work her magic is how. That woman is amazing, let me tell you. I literally just outlines what was in each and boom - magic was created. I didn’t even blink when I saw them and say, “oh, can we change this?” Nope, I took one look and i knew they were perfect!

So, both box set book sets are now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Now, I’m waiting on one exciting thing to happen for the box sets- the paperbacks! I can’t wait to hold them in my hands. With those covers can you imagine how beautiful they’ll be? Book 1’s paperback will be 792 pages - and that’s with a smaller font! Before I did that, they were over 1000 pages 😳. As amazon wouldn’t print a book that long, I reduced the font size, so we have a more manageable 792! But bloody Nora, that’s a big book! Book 2 is 552.

Once the copies arrive, I’ll upload a picture. They size isn’t always the answer, but that’s usually a lie, right? 😉

M xox

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