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Last night I got asked a question. “Hey, how often do you update your website?” Uhhh oops! In my defense I mix my dogs names up with my son’s on a daily basis. It’s also a miracle I can walk and breathe at the same time most days. I have a huge case of the forgets...huge! I’m the person who has a book coming out and who will be sitting finalizing stuff on it while forgetting to mention it across social media. That’s why I went begging to Cara Gadero from CJG Consulting, LLC. After 3 years the forgets are getting worse (especially as I increase how much I’m publishing) and Ive loved working with Cara in the past, so it was a relief when she said yes. Have you seen her in action on Facebook? If not, go look, go, go!

Although, I think everyone who heard the news said a prayer for her, myself included. Fortunately, I only said, “oh God, she’s going to fire me on the first day.” 9 times on Tuesday when Fireball was released. The fact she’s still talking to me is a relief!

For those you who have read Fireball or got a copy of it, have a look at the dedication at the front. This one was dedicated to a lady who I love implicitly, she’s also an editor hence the smart word used there (I impressed myself so that’s something). Emma Mack has been in my life for 3 years, and not a day goes by when she doesn’t make my day better. It doesn’t matter if one of us is angry, stressed, sad, nada - she can have me laughing by the end of our FaceTime chats. Emma’s strength and heart never fail to amaze me, she’s flipping outstanding and if you know her you’ll know what I mean. Some superheroes wear a cape, my real life superhero wears a unicorn horn, awesome Converse (one can never have too many pairs and I corrupt her weekly with new styles) and has a British accent. I absolutely love her to pieces and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

Thank you Mrs. Mack for being you, and for being one of the most awesome humans to ever exist! 💗🦄💗🦄

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