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New covers!

I’ve covered this before (no pun intended. Ok, no, just a wee one) but this year I’ve worked hard to get new covers for my books. With time our styles change and we start thinking ohhhh I love that for x book. It also makes sense to keep the series fresh as you progress. As my son calls it - fresh to death. So, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking up ideas for each one and I’ve had the magical hands of Jay Aheer from Simply Defined Art, Tracie Douglas from Black Water Covers and Designs, and Dee Garcia from Black Widow Designs to help me. Those ladies are so talented and I just LOVE what they’ve done.

The most most recent update was to Until Forever, a book that means the world to me as I covered the condition that my best friend passed away from in 2005 in it. The photo was chosen before I knew who the model was, and purely because of how perfect his pose and expression were for Cole.

I couldn’t ever replace this photo as Reggie Deanching from RplusM Photography got it perfect for the book, and I love it. Jay Aheer gave it a new look and now Cole has new beauty to his book.

Its hard to say goodbye to the old covers, and I’ve got some of the original books in stock if anyone wants a copy. But the new look has breathed new life into the series and fits where it’s going to go in the final 2 books. 💗

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