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What am I working on?

This is the question I get asked a lot. I’ve started to include the list at the back of my books because of it, but it’s probably better to try and keep it updated in here (note use of word TRY).


Ok, that’s not a book but it bears mentioning because these are AWESOME! With the help of Jay Aheer (if she hasn’t fired me by now) we’re going to make Tainthoods, signed by the man himself. Keep your eyes open for these 😂.

Series Logos

Again, this isn’t writing, but they’re important. With 2 Providence series and 1 other one that revolves around the OGP, series logos are important. So, my son designed one for the OGP which is being made ummm pretty, Jay Aheer is tackling the Providence Gold logo, and Tracie Douglas created perfection when she did the logo for the Cheap Thrills Series. Providence Texas is officially on the map!

Living On A Dare, Cheap Thrills Series book 2!

The estimated date for this is September 2019. Ellis and Jose’s story is coming!!!

Going For Gold, Providence Gold Series Book 4 will hopefully go live in October. This one is a blast to write, but I want it to make sense so I’m taking a lot longer to write certain areas of it. This will be Levi and Charlotte’s book.

Classy AF, Cheap Thrills series book 3, is on the go too. This has none other than the beautiful Jess Birks on the cover. In 2016, I swore I’d get this amazing lady on a cover, 3 years later she’s doing it and in the most spectacular photo!

Providence Gold Series book 5- Parker and Ariana’s book is also on the go.

If if I have enough time, I have a couple others to finish before I start new ones, but juggling single parenthood of a 12 year old, life, a knee replacement in the near future (hallelujah!) and laundry that never ends makes it hard to get all the words I want to get out. I’m doing my best and I’m determined to get them done! 💗🦄💗🦄

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