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What’s in a cover for me?

Over the last 6 months, you might have noticed that I’ve updated my covers on 95% of my books. Here’s why:

My first ever book, Forever Mine (Providence Series) was turning 3. My style of writing had changed and I was more comfortable with how I wrote, but also I started to see that my style cover wise had grown. That’s where the beauty that is C.M. Steele (an amazing author) came in. She worked her magic on a cover I couldn’t picture and wa la - the new cover was born. As Ren was a mechanic, she put gravel in the word Mine. It‘s fabulous!

Books 2 and 5 were a bit more difficult. No matter where I looked, I just couldn’t see my characters (Luke & Isla, Brett & Sabine). Then, Dee Garcia from Black Widow Designs came along with two covers and kapow- she made them perfect for the books - More Than Forever and Choosing Forever. I was so grateful when I saw them that I about tripped over my feet. Those were the last two that I needed to complete the re-covering of the series, so it was a huge moment when they were uploaded.

Then comes Tracie Douglas from Black Water Covers and Designs. Tracie has done a vast majority of my covers. From Quids In, to Compass, to Providence, to Providence Gold...she hits the nail on the head each time. I don’t think my quirky (hehehe nice way to phrase crazy, hey? 😉) style is easy to work with. In fact, when I sent her my idea for Forever Ducked, I fully expected her to reply with, “We can’t be friends. You’re out of your ever-loving mind!”. Instead, she got excited and created Sonya and Tom’s wedding cover. Even with the Providence Gold series covers she’s killed it. So I’ve been incredibly lucky to find not only her skills, but her acceptance of my craziness!

There is only one cover left in the series to be redone, Until Forever, and Jay Aheer will be tackling that for me. I’m keeping the photo because it represents Cole perfectly and the underlying sadness in the book. Plus, let’s face it - that photo by Reggie Deanching from RplusM Photo is out of this world fabulous! I just can’t picture how to do anything else to it, so that’s where her magical fingers come into it!

There’s a lot that goes into a cover and I’m really picky about them too, so I really have been lucky to find these ladies who work with my nuttiness and my eccentric characters and hit the nail on the head each time.

M xox

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