My life has always been about work and fun, living however the hell I wanted to - until I met Sabine. She was everything I’d never expected, had never thought about having in my life. From that first meeting though, my whole life changed. 


I changed.


But what do you do when the person targeting your family moves their focus to the woman you love? Do you hold on tighter, or do you set them free, far away from you? 




Years ago, my family had given me an ultimatum – follow their orders or lose them if I chose a career. They weren’t doing for my benefit though, more for their own gains, so I chose my career.


The stories about Brett Townsend were well known throughout the oil industry, but I quickly realized that he wasn't the man that I'd assumed he was. 


He was everything fairy tales described…until he wasn't.


I couldn’t stay where he was and act like my heart wasn’t breaking every day, so I flew back to my safe haven – Appledore, in the UK. 


He thought he'd done the right thing. He thought she was safer without him…until he got the photo that changed everything.


Choosing Forever

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