Life throws curveballs when you least expect it and my sister’s best friend was definitely a curveball. What do you do when you’re at a different college to the woman you want and who won’t give you the time of day? Why, you transfer to her college and bug her until she gives in, obviously!




College was meant to be the start of my independence, and I was going to go for it and nothing was going to hold me back. Tom had never been part of any of my plans, but I just couldn’t get rid of him. He wasn’t bad, and he was great to look at, but he just wasn’t part of the plan. 


When an attempt is made on his brother’s life, Tom and his sister get ordered back to the family home. He wasn’t going to leave Sonya unprotected, so he used his secret weapon, his sister, to bring her back with her to the Townsend’s Ranch. 


Sonya might have been taken away from her plan, but at least she has her independence - right? Until alcohol becomes involved, and the one night that will never be repeated becomes every night.


Slight stalking, a bit of coercion, a bottle of tequila, the wrong cat, these are all things he started with to make her his. After finding out that Sonya’s been taken by the person who has a personal vendetta against his family though, the relaxed easy-going Tom changes and he will go to any length to find her. 


Finding your one changes you, and Sonya changed everything

Until Tom, Finding Forever

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