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I’ve spent years helping victims. My family knows nothing about it because it wasn’t safe for them to – but now I’ve led trouble right to all of us. He says that Jack Townsend is his target, but I was the one who helped to save the women in his biggest shipment out of the country. 


Scarlett Hayes had been my obsession from the moment I met her. What I never expected though, was to feel so much for her little brother - a boy who, like his sister, deserves the world. That becomes my goal, and I’ll move heaven and earth to make sure they get it.


When trouble hits though, it changes to just keeping her safe and finding the little boy who’s stolen my heart.




I’d fought and worked hard for everything I had. Running a business and raising my little brother was a daily struggle, but it was worth every tear and every drop of sweat.


Trust doesn’t come easy to me, and with Tuck to consider, it’s even harder to do. 

Adam says he’ll keep me safe. He says I can trust him. He says it’s me and only me. He also says he’ll find my brother and bring him back to me. For the first time in my life, I believe in what I have with someone and I believe in him.


I just hope he gets to Tuck in time because I can’t live without him. He might be my little brother, but he’s mine. He’s ours.


Karma comes to us all, and the Townsends and Montgomerys finally have the man who has been targeting them in their sights. 


You took the life of one of ours. You tried to take more. We’ll take everything. 

Tainted Gold

Providence Gold Book 3



The one time I do something irresponsible it blows up in my face. Two pink lines, the word pregnant mocking me, a blue cross… twenty-six pregnancy tests in total, all screaming the same thing at me - Girl, you’re pregnant AF. 


The problem was, I wasn’t sure Tate even remembered our night together. 


There was no question in my mind, I was keeping my baby. The only issue was - I needed to break the news to him, too. I had time to figure out the way I was going to do it, how hard could it be?


At least, that was my plan until my best friend revealed the news to the entire bar… including the man in question.




I’d been trying to figure out a way to ask Lily out ever since she’d moved to town and taken over her grandad’s bar. Apparently, car problems, man problems, and a bottle of Johnny Walker was the cure for that – or the accelerant for stupidity. 


The only proof I had when I woke up that our night together hadn’t been a dream was the pair of her panties in my shoe. How they’d gotten in there, I had no clue, but that pink scrap of lace was the best thing I’d ever seen because it made what had happened true.


I was just about to go see her when we got the call - my cousins needed us. 


By the time I came home to Gonzales County, I was frustrated that I still couldn’t remember every detail from that night. Then, I walked into the bar and smelled her perfume as she passed me, and all of it came flooding back.


That wasn’t the best part of the night. No – that was finding out I was going to be a dad, just as some twat punched me in the face.


I wish I could say I was sorry, but I wasn’t. 


Now all I had to do was convince Lily to take a chance on me.